We love making
something different!

The Bakery

The Farm Bakery has a dedicated team of employees who are qualified to very high standards. Steve and Nicola took over the wholesale side of the bakery in April 2022.

Between our team members we have gained experience, training and inspiration from other establishments locally and from around the world, including Germany, Czechia, France and Vietnam.

Let us produce a bespoke product that enhances your menu.

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Using the best miller’s grists, mixing different flours we can
produce unique breads to meet any need from whites and wholemeals to ryes, maizes, malts and oats.


We can add seeds and inclusions to the product to make exclusively yours. The list is only limited by your imagination. From maw to maize, sunflower to sundried tomatoes, cheese to chia. The list is endless!…Did we even mention fruit?

Final product

We are trained in Chorleywood bread processes and sour doughs. And even pretzels, flat breads, unleavened and soda breads. Basically we’ll try our hand at anything and everything to get the product that’s right for every individual customer… Amongst our traditional English breads, specialities include cobs, cottages and oven bottom-turned stotties.

Qualities we aim for


Our aim is to make sure everything that comes out of our bakery looks FANTASTIC!

Crusts & Crumb

Crust (cuts great).
Crumb (structure inside).


Simply gorgeous! 

Staying Power

And keeping qualities (it’s got to last). Nobody wants a loaf that you buy in the morning and by tea time it’s stale!!!

Handmade @
Alnwick Bakery

Because everything is handmade by our experienced bakers we can make any shape you fancy, tin breads to kaisers, boules to batards…
You think it, we’ll make it…
We use traditional bakery equipment and are geared up for small bespoke mixes right up to huge production runs…

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