We love a challenge or just something different!


We now have three more cake decorators working at our bakery and Jasmine is creating some marvellous creations of her own to add to our portfolio of cakes.
But it doesn’t end there with just cakes. We make everything you’d expect a bakery to make; tray bakes, cheesecakes, biscuits, loaf cakes and more…
We now provide help to other budding cake decorators with products and advice.

Our Cake Story

When I did my training in confectionery and cake decorating over 30 years ago it was a different era with buttercream and royal icing type cakes. I knew then I wasn’t happy making cakes that had basically never changed for 50 plus years, my wedding cake was probably made in the same method and style as my grandparents…
I made my first “bespoke” character cake for my sister as a trial and from then onwards I wasn’t happy making a cake unless it was something “different”. But apart from my own children and close friends and family I very rarely made cakes until I was approached by a top photographer from Vogue Magazine, Tim Walker, who needed hundreds of cakes for a model photo shoot. This ended up being his FIRST self portrait and he decided to put on a pair of pyjamas and get into bed amongst the cakes. (Yasmin Le Bon said it was her favourite photo, and how she would love to wake up every morning)!
I still have proof photos from this shoot. See article
This left me wanting more! And having all the equipment I thought it was the natural progression to “push” the cake side of the business.
Since then I have made not hundreds, but thousands of cakes, and usually will give any design a go! 
I have made cakes for some big names and companies as well. Even an HMP Prison (no I didn’t bake a file into the cake)!

Cake Gallery

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